TorreColimena, called Torre Columena in the dialect of Manduria, The Culimèna - The Culumèna in avetranese dialect, is an hamlet ofManduria. Torre Colimena is part of Arneo Land, the Salento peninsulabetween San Pietro in Bevagna and Torre dell'Inserraglio, squeezedbetween the protected areas of the Natural Park of the Swamp of theCount and the Salina dei Monaci. The beach of the Salina Vecchia, orMonaci's, is fringed by beautiful secular dunes of luxuriousMediterranean scrub and thanks to its proximity to the wetland, homesexamples of flamingos, herons, shelduck, swans and a very peculiarflora. Thebeaches of Torre Colimena are characterized by a cobalt blue sea andpure white sand, in a succession of sandy coves and stretches of lowrock, ideal for fishing and snorkeling. The clear sea is perfect forlovers of long swims and water sports such as windsurfing, sailingand scuba diving; excellent for who always puts in suitcase mask andfins. Torre Colimena owes its name to the tower built on thewaterfront, around which arose the town, built in 1568 by Charles Vto protect the coast from Saracen attacks. This tower isdistinguished from the other Saracen towers for its beauty and forits grandeur, as the rooms built on top of the tower will increasethe height, making it one of the highest of Salento. Besides being alandmark resort, Torre Colimena is located in a central position intourist areas and renowned as Punta Prosciutto, Torre Lapillo, PortoCesareo and Gallipoli to SUD, San Pietro in Bevagna and Campo MarinoNORTH, and places of cultural interest such as Lecce, the baroquecity. Within a few miles you can run any kind of pastime andactivities: bowling, horseback riding on the beach, go karting,fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, hiking ingeneral, boat rides, discos for young people and for families. FromApril to October is rich the programming of festivals and festivitiesin Salento, where you can dance the Pizzica, the traditional frenzydance caused by the bite of the tarantula. A wide choice of localrestaurants along the coast and farmhouses immersed in the campaign,will give the opportunity to taste the products of the traditionalcuisine of Puglia, dishes that has the aroma of the flavors of thesea and the Mediterranean. Do not forget the wine routes, food andwine to discover the flavors of Puglia, oil, cheese and local wine atthe traditional wineries, farms and livestock underground presses.Holiday houses can be rented weekly in the months of May, June, July,August and September. Also contacting our agency you can rentapartments, houses by the sea and with direct access to the beach,pool villas and garden villas in the countryside, inland and in thecountry, with attractive offers both Booker is in Last Minute. Somecottages are equipped for the disabled. Almost all solutions have airconditioning and mosquito nets and can accommodate pets.