San Pancrazio Salentino is a typicaltown of the North Salento, located in the beautiful Terre d'Arneo atthe foot of the Terra d'Otranto and at the crossroads of the threeprovinces of the board of Salento (Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto). Itsstrategic location gives the opportunity to make the most of thefantastic potential that these wild lands offer; just at 14 km fromthe town, you arrive in the white beaches of the Ionian coast ofSalento, in the Marine Protected Area of ​​Porto Cesareo, famousfor its fantastic landscapes that look out into the crystal clear andpristine waters of one of the most beautiful seas in the world.Returning to the town, through the ancient stone walls andMediterranean scrub, you have the chance to glimpse the distinctivered soil, essential for the nourishment of old olive trees andvineyards that characterize the local food excellence, which boastsof numerous national awards in wine and gastronomy. Nearby SanPancrazio you can visit several archaeological sites of historicalrecognized significance as menhirs of Neolithic origin, the remainsof Limitone of the Greeks, the Roman baths, the temple of "SantuMisirinu", oil mills and rock caves of the Middle Ages andfinally , in "Li Castieddhi", the ancient Messapiansettlement is expected to have been the birthplace of San Pancrazio.San Pancrazio Salentino is presented as a place that can besummarized in a unique perspective the roots that feed thisexceptional and unique land of its kind capable of giving an ancientalchemy in bright colors and heady scents that blend into the earthand in the sea which turn out to be the only adjectives of Salento.