General Conditions


The terms indicated below, if written in bold, will have the following meanings, with the specification that the terms defined in the singular also refer to the plural and vice versa: Operator (the company: Marco Dell'Anna, named SALENTOVILLEAPPARTAMENTI, in Torre Colimena di Manduria at Contrada Fellicchie in Via H. Boomerang, VAT 02971830738, REA NUMBER: TA-183194, C.F. DLL MRC 79C27 I119U. Client: Natural person signing the booking form and consequently the lease. In the event that the subscriber of the lease could be someone else than the subscriber of the booking form, the purpose of these conditions and the obligations which should arise, the term client will be used referring to both the subscribers who will be jointly and severally responsible of it. "Owner", the natural person, company or entity that is, the owner or owner/tenant of the property object of the titrated leasing and entitled to enter into this contract with the customer."Property": apartment, villa or portion of it, as well as possibly detailed in the descriptive section of the same, offered to the customer for rent."Contract" means a lease agreement, concluded between the customer and the owner. "Reservation" form signed by the customer with whom he agrees to enter into the contract for the same property in the terms and in the manner provided in the same form in accordance with these general conditions. "Low season" means the period that running from the day 1 April to 13 June and from 13 September to 31 October. "Mid season": the period of time from the day 14 June to 31 July and 23 August until 12 September. "High season" means the period running from 1 August to 22 August. "Voucher": the document produced by the operator and sent to the client two weeks before the arrival date, containing all agreements made under reservation besides the information and datas needed to finalize the contract.


The operator offers on-line promotion and booking services of real estate on behalf of their respective owners. The properties that the operator promotes on site or on any other site or in any form, digital or also paper, consist essentially in private homes, mostly second homes, all with different characteristics from each other. For this reason, the client must specify exactly any subsequent particular needs, requesting confirmation of the availability, before making the reservation. After making the reservation, the customer can not claim any other request not previously communicated, or not granted.

Each property is furnitured and has a kitchen or kitchenette with fridge. Other appliances such as, for example, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, microwave oven, if any, will be specified in the specific description of each property. Unless otherwise specified, all properties are equipped with pots and pans and dishes and are not provided with either kitchen, bed and bath linen. Any deviation from the above, will be specifically highlighted in the descriptive section of each property.


The customer, before making a reservation, declares that is aware of the contents of this document and accepts it, expressly and unequivocally, in all its parts. By signing the booking form, the customer immediately assumes the obligations towards the owner and operator. Received payment as required in the terms and manner specified in the booking form, the operator can, at its own discretion and within seven days, reject the request sent by the client and returning the full amount paid. After that time,  without the operator has notified the refusal, the proposal will be deemed accepted and since then, both the operator and the owner assume all obligations arising from the reservation to the customer.


In case of cancellation of booking, after a formal written request of the holder, we will apply the following policy:

  • Cancellation requests received after the payment:
    • of the advance of the reservation and until the thirty-first day before check-in, the guest will lose 30% of the reservation, plus the costs of the same;
    • of the balance in a single payment and until the thirty-first day before the check in the guest is entitled to a refund equal to 70% of the entire amount of the reservation, excluding the costs of the same;
  • Cancellation request received from the twenty-ninth day to the day before check in, as a result of the balance of the reservation payment within the time allowed, the guest will not be entitled to any refund.


All properties are granted exclusively to suit the housing needs of a transitional nature with tourist purposes. The customer will be able to check-in from 16.00 to 20.00 hours of the first day of rental and will have to check-out by 09.00 of the last day of rental. Any specific customer requirements, designed to advance or delay the time and / or the day of arrival and / or the departure must necessarily be formalized by the operator, which will communicate as soon as possible whether it is available with specific indication of any additional cost. The customer who intends to accommodate pets with them, of any size, large - medium - small - very small, must express explicity it when booking and the operator, in turn, will inform about the availability or non-availability after consultation the property owner. The number of guests on the properties during the period of the lease, it will never be greater than the number given by the operator to the customer during the booking process. Possible presence of animals without the consent, or guests in greater numbers than expected at the time of booking, will produce ipso jure the termination of the contract with the customer's obligation to immediately release the property without the right to any refund. On arrival, the customer will be asked to:

  • present your voucher in your possession with a valid identity document (passport or identity card), for legal purposes;
  • See the property, check if it corresponds to that booked, that the same is cleaned and in perfect order, and accept the delivery signing the contract with the statement of Seen - Liked - Accepted. Any complaints about it, will be raised only before the signing of the above statement.
  • To settle any amount due, including any required additional services, exclusively in cash or by certified check issued by Italian lender. Other means or methods of payment will not be accepted.

The customer who wants to pay off the due amount before his arrival, will have to make payment at least 3 working days before check-in, in order to allow the operator to verify the credit before the delivery of the keys.


  • to pay the deposit, in the amount indicated on the card of every single property, or in different proportion specified on the booking, to guarantee financial cover for any damage that may be caused to the property and its appurtenances, in its structural components and / or plant, and / or furniture and / or other movable assets present in it. The security deposit, given the type and the duration of the contract, will be non-interest bearing and, in the absence of damage, will be returned on the departure;
  • To take over the keys of the property becoming its guardian and responsible for the entire period of the contract, promising to return it in the same condition at the end of the lease.

Throughout the period of the lease, the maintenance of the property both ordinary and extraordinary will be up to the owner, so it is expressly forbidden to the customer to maneuver or tamper with the controls that govern the operation of facilities (water, electricity, swimming pool, irrigation, climate control etc.). If necessary, the customer must contact the owner who will provide interventions as quickly as possible. Failure to comply with this ban will see the customer responsible for any damage caused. The owner or the operator for him, after agreement with the client, will have free access to the property and its appurtenances (swimming pool, garden, etc ..) in order to perform routine maintenance. In the event that might require urgent action, the customer is aware that the owner or his representative will have access even in his absence, therefore, undertakes not to leave valuables unattended, releasing henceforth the owner and the operator from any responsibility for theft or damage.


At the end of the lease, the customer must::


  • return the property in the same condition in which it was presented to him, making sure, in particular, to provide for the washing of dishes, emptying the cupboards, trash, refrigerators and other appliances, repositioning the furniture and / or other movable eventually moved during the stay;
  • compensate fully to greater damages that may result exceeding the amount paid as deposit that, in the specific case will be retained as partial compensation for such damage;
  • solder amount due for utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.) that may not included in the price agreed at the time of booking. The amounts, according to actual consumption, will be calculated by applying the rates shown on the booking form.


Any dispute about the present general terms, will be settled by agreement and exclusively at the Court of Taranto.


The operator and the customer lend the consent to the processing of their personal data, pledging also to deal with the principles and precepts of the Legislative Decree n.196 / 2003, and following modifications.The parties are also committed to strict compliance with the applicable standards and precepts of that Act referring to any other personal information, including third parties, collected, stored, communicated, disseminated or otherwise treated in fulfillment of the Agreement or as a result of touristic rental booking, ensuring in particular the scrupulous observance of the provisions relating to safety, the consent and the information of the person.

N.B. The provision of data is optional, but your refusal will make it impossible for the owner to take action on requests and to perform the services required.